Sunday, March 11, 2012

Me and Windows 8

So I have something to do with technology, especially the software industry.  I have always been a power Windows user and have always believed that Mac users are mostly rigid, opinionated people who care more about being perceived as cool than about being productive.

But of course, with the mobile devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple did manage to significantly change my opinion.  These devices were simply the best looking, most user-friendly options available in their respective segments.  Moreover, the increasing capabilities and ubiquitous nature of these devices have significantly ruptured the power of Microsoft in the consumer computing arena.  Their flagship product Windows (remember "Windows on every table") is now under severe pressure to stay relevant in a world, where smaller devices do whatever PCs (powered by Windows) can do.

With the recent consumer preview of Windows 8 however, Microsoft is trying to buck that trend.  Whether they will be able to do that or not, who knows yet?  But they look pretty serious about this revamp (at least they want people to perceive this is a revamp).  It looks complete with a functioning App-Store and all that jazz.

Windows 8 Store

One interesting thing about Windows 8, is the multiple options for building apps for the platform.  HTML along with JavaScript is quite simply the best (at least the most talked about) option.  Then there are others like .NET, C++ etc.  A look at any popular app-building platform today, and you can see that most popular (and most revenue generating apps) are always games.  How many of these games is it possible to create with web technologies like HTML and JavaScript remains to be seen.  As of now it does seem that the focus on HTML/JS will allow Microsoft to attract the army of web developers to the Windows platform.  But how many of these people will be able to generate apps compelling enough to make Windows relevant, is still debatable.

Interesting times ahead in the technology industry.  One of these days, I need to sit down and write an app for Windows 8 to better form my opinion.

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