Monday, March 12, 2012

iPad 3, Kahaani and Corruption

Well it's no longer news that Apple has come up with their latest device, curiously called the iPad (post Steve Jobs Apple is already low on imagination).  Soon most of us will line up to hand over a handsome sum of money to our nearest Apple Store (if we have not already wired over that money online to Apple's trusted bank).  How long world's fascination with Apple's products will last is any one's guess but it is true that the lack of credible competition is definitely helping them.  On one extreme is Google, which is in the habit of throwing half-baked products as beta-testing machines at the wider public.  On the other end is Microsoft, which takes several years to come up with a product, which if fails leaves them with no time to respond back or make amends.  Till these problems with the Apple wannabes are fixed, AAPL will continue to demonstrate healthy earnings quarter after quarter.  And yes, I will buy the new iPad.

Taking a break from work (when do I NOT want to do that?), I went to watch this new movie Kahaani today. Boy, am I impressed?  This is quite simply the best Hindi movie I have seen in a long long time.  What a great concept, superb story (having a story in a Hindi film is such a refreshing change btw), tight screenplay and clever direction.  Add to that good acting and lack of usual bollywood melodrama, and you have an almost perfect movie.  I would be seriously disappointed if this movie isn't India's nomination for Oscar.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this movie is a must watch.

Anyway back from the movie,  I was back onto my anonymous trail for information and usual online media scouring for history, politics, economics, comedy etc.  I found that quite a few like-minded people have been doing the same set of things that I enjoy.  Not sure they are as random and aimless as I am, but it is good to know that I am not alone in the waywardness of my thoughts.  It is also a little disappointing to learn that I am not a unique genius with a special way of thinking.  Anyway, I do intend to read up and follow quite a bit of online presence dedicated to rooting out corruption from India.  Stay tuned for more thoughts around that topic.

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