Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anonymous Honesty

Complete honesty is difficult to achieve.  A person can tell you what he thinks, what he does when no one is watching, how he really feels about other people,  what he would want to do if he did not have any responsibilities etc.  However he may still conceal a very important piece of information.  His identity.  Which is very easy to do on the internet.

But why would someone do that?  Because anonymity is not exactly honesty.  Or is it?

I have been struggling with these thoughts ever since I decided to "go honest".  I don't think I can be not anonymous.  Having said that I am not going to spend anytime going out of my way to hide my identity.  A really zealous person could find out who I am, although I am not really sure what would be gained out of that.  So there goes.  Mine is going to be an anonymous sort of honesty.  I do feel that I can be more fun and open when I don't have to stick to the behavior expected out of me (and my identity).

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