Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do you have your social on?

Are you a social person?

Not quite sure what people mean when they ask me that.  Are they asking about my inclination to go out and meet people, my behavior when introduced to new people, my tendency to keep up with the social obligations like parties, weddings, birthdays etc. or just the size of my Facebook/Twitter friend list?

If it is the latter then you must sometimes be acting like this guy:

Now that I have provided a somewhat eye-catching (albeit irrelevant) starting paragraph with the mandatory question mark in the end, let me get to the real thing that I want to discuss in this post.  If you have been reading  this blog, you can probably see that I have decided to be very disciplined about blogging from now on.  Not only do I want to write, but I wish to know whether people like it or not.

As a result, I am doing all the usual blogger reach-out things like posting my links on digg, reddit, delicious, stumbleupon etc.  However, I am not quite sure how useful all that is.  Of course, if you are a very popular writer with an established online presence, then these bookmark/aggregation sites can further help you.  However, for an average dude like me, I am not quite sure what I gain.  So, this post is an attempt to figure that out.  Unlike my last few posts, I am not going to do any "marketing" for this post at all.  I will not even post it to my twitter/facebook followers.  I should find out in a day or two how it goes.

Anyway, I have a reasonably good hold of technology, web etc. but I don't really understand how this world of social networking actually works.  Good content, I hear, is a must.  But clearly that alone is not enough.  What else do I need to make sure my content is reaching the maximum number of people, and the right people?  Any Gurus out there willing to drop me some hints?  I will not look for you on Google.  Because, I want to know that you understand my dilemma through my website and are yourself confident that you can help me.

Some of the above text may sound cryptic but as I said earlier, I am honest and I will write what comes to my mind.  So today what's coming to my mind is this amalgamation of random thoughts.


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